Change isn’t coming, it’s here. Using the five practices of PIVOT (Perspective, Intuition, Vision, Obstacles and Tactics), you will be able to navigate change from your core values and develop habits to support you in our ever changing world.

Our coaches have been vetted and approved by Pauline through training, feedback and many practice sessions. Our coaches are skilled at finding blocks and will help you see the energetics and patterning at play in your experience. Expect to leave your session with clarity, accountability and action items and motivation to commit to a daily manifestation practice. All sessions are 60 minutes long and are hosted on Zoom.


Pauline Caballero

Pauline Caballero boasts an extensive career in the wellness and yoga field. She is the President and Co-founder of Power Yoga Canada (PYC), a network of hot power yoga studios with the goal of creating a community centered around positive personal transformation. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, as well as a certified 500-hour Yoga Alliance E-RYT. Pauline has also served as a board member with Africa Yoga Project and is Chief Revenue Officer for Buckland Customs Brokers Ltd.

Jane Shantz

I am an Orchestrator of Change. I love working with people who are either driving change in organizations or who want to change. I work with you to help fulfill your vision.

I started my journey back in the 90’s as an Organizational Change Management Consultant. I spent over 15 years working alongside leaders orchestrating transformational change in organizations across the world. Working at the big firm was extremely rewarding but I worked a lot, which became difficult to manage when I started my family. In 2007, I left the big firm and started Jane R. Shantz Management Consulting.

While this change was scary, I am grateful for the journey! I have been very fortunate and privileged to have worked alongside some great leaders and some incredible people. In 2018, I was asked to take on a coaching client and started my journey in Executive Coaching. And this journey in helping orchestrate change continues to this day.

As a Certified Accountability Coach, she works with females who are looking to recreate themselves and achieve peak performance in the areas of their life which matter most. She will guide you to reassess your life, create actionable plans, and give you the tools to empower you to create the life you want, through one on one coaching sessions. As a female pioneer in the travel industry, Danielle understands the need to challenge yourself and the status quo. Unlike any other life coaching program, her program will give you the tools, confidence and support to learn how to pivot for yourself and thrive in the face of adversity.


Danielle St. John

As a recovering perfectionist, I have a voice in my head that keeps me up at night running through to-do lists, forcing me to write notes on every possible piece of paper around. Most days I feel responsible for needing to remember and do everything for everyone, because if not me, who else? After all, how will it ever get done “the right way” if I don’t do it? I found myself working in overdrive for almost five years proud of my perfectly busy life. Looking back, who was I? Okay fine, so I was the youngest C-suite Exec at the largest travel management company in the Caribbean, wondering why I was challenged daily as a young, female, know-it-all, type A sort. Fast forward to a pandemic, throwing my highly managed life out of sorts. Pivot? What’s that?
Now what…My daily routine consists of saging bad energy, drinking green juice and protein shakes (because everyone needs that 20g in their back pocket) and doing the yoga, the boxing, and the weight training because all of a sudden I’m stuck in my house and there are no excuses for being too busy to workout! In between, I do the usual 9-5 gig and after that I coach recovering perfectionists like me to let go and somehow *get more done* using my Life Design program. I know, how is that possible? Trust me, it is. I love coaching those not willing to admit it and also those who have no idea what a perfectionist is. You could say my big personality, consistent chatter, and confidence (no matter how I’m feeling that day) are what influence the energy of the rooms I walk into. If you tell me I can’t do something, I will do everything I can to prove you wrong. So here I am, Danielle St John, Recovering Perfectionist, Accountability Coach. 

Kristina Pancevski

I am a professionally certified accountability coach, entrepreneur, business professional and a busy mom who knows the struggle to try to balance it all.

In my coaching sessions I will provide the tools and techniques to help people create powerful change in their life. I have struggled with many of the same challenges my clients encounter. My life purpose is to help others and to meet my clients where they are in life and help them grow and see the change. I will offer a structured and intuitive approach to come into your greatness.

As I am coaching I am also hold a corporate job, own a yoga studio, teach yoga and in the business of helping others.

In my free time I spend time with family,


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